Global Methane Mapper

Destripped bi-weekly average concentrations of CH4 over the globe based on S5P – TROPOMI data. Time period of interest can be selected from the drop down list at the bottom of the map. For comparison between two time periods, use the split-screen view toggle on the bottom right of the app.

Note: Due to, the latest map only has partial data and no new maps will become available until that issue gets resolved.

A preview of our premium service

How to use the premium dashboard below:

Username: BS_Guest

Password: BS_Guest

  • To use to several functionalities of the app log on using the following credentials above
  • To view the monthly average concentrations click the arrow on the raster layer “CH4 column concentration”. Scroll down the menu to the “Timestamps” section to select the time period of interest
  • In order to adjust the color bar according to the area of interest, zoom in on the location and scroll to the “Styling” section under the layer options and click on “fit range to view”
  • To create plots of temporal variation of the CH4 column concentrations over a point/area of interest, scroll down to “Analyze raster” section and click on point or polygon option to then locate in onto the map.
  • To download a map of interest, scroll to “layer actions” section and click on download option. This lets you to select an area of interest on the map which then allows you to downloads a raster image of the same.
  • An overview of all the Oil and Gas facilities can be found in the “Global oil & gas facilities” layer
  • There are six layers: “January to June 2021” which depict the hotspots of leak from O&G facilities, that were identified using our novel leak detection algorithm. You can view them over the average CH4 concentration of the corresponding month for better inference or generating maps of interest.